Badger Badger 'Palm Party' white unisex shirt

Badger Badger 'Palm Party' white unisex shirt


This classic button down features two embroidered palms on the left and right breast. It is not just a nod to Jimbo’s National Palm Party from our tale, but also is reflective of the hand-woven nature of our shirts. This shirt is for a more understated but passionate dresser who wears their hand on their chest. Composed of organic oxford cotton, the care label is signed by one of the many individuals who have been part of making our shirts.

Collection Story:

The National Palm Party is passionate about cleaning up the city and has rebuilt Jungalopungalo into a safer, cleaner, happier place. To find out more visit our Discover page. 

Rabanne is 6ft 1" and wears a large / Saskia is 5ft 7" and wears a small 
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