Badger Badger "Mr & Mrs Madhubani Shirt"

Badger Badger "Mr & Mrs Madhubani Shirt"


Mr & Mrs Madhubani are embroidered on the front of the collar, with our signature embroidery on the back of the collar. The care label on every shirt is signed by one of the many individuals who have been part of making our shirts. Mr & Mrs Madhubani insist they looks the slickest when the top button is done up and the collar is on show over a jumper. This shirt was born out of our love of the traditional Madhubani paintings from Mithila (Bihar, India). The paintings are always colourful, typically depict nature or religious motifs and, back in the day, were painted on walls using plants and mineral pigments. An earthqake in 1934 brought the unknown artwork from walls, tumbling out into the open and were remarked for the strong resemblance they bore to the works of Miro, Picasso + Klee. They were brought into prominence after the drought of the 60s forced the women of Mithila to take their craft from wall to paper.


Fabric - White, 100% woven Oxford cotton,158GSM, softner wash
Buttons - Nylon
Relaxed collar (no fusing)
Front button closure
Pleated cuffs with button

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