I give up! - saved by a Sarong

Basically it looks like I gave up on my mission because the last time I thought about a sari was back in February and it is now June! I couldn't work out a sari wrap from my book, my sari felt unmanageable, it was too bloody cold to bother so I gave up. 

However, something has sparked my interest again. We are in a heatwave, it's 31 C outside. Is this not the  perfect time to test out the old sari wearing? Maybe its just too hot to wear all those layers of fabric when a vest top and shorts would do just fine.....I have no excuse now!

However, I have no time to work out a sari today so I grab another item I intend to work into my wardrobe, the handloom sarong. My favourite is bright blue block colours by Barefoot Ceylon. I'm wearing it with chunky sandals, loose top and a Barefoot waistcoat. It feels tropical and cool.