Heavenly Saris

We have spent a luxurious day at a presentation of sari brand 'Raw Mango' at Asia House, London. I met my mum and sister off the train at Kings Cross. We jump in a black cab and head straight off to Marylebone. Aunty Chutty and cousin Meera are already there. Its hard to know where to start, we are surrounded by exquisite fabrics and beautiful designs and colours. Silks, brocades, the finest and lightest of cottons, striking contrasts of bold stripes and shots of colour. We all acknowledged the shift of design to something more pared back but with huge depth and quality which comes through in the hand loom fabric. My mum and aunt see this is an entirely different type of sari wearing but all still beautiful and familiar. We loved the modern shapes of tops with higher necklines, looser sleeves and versatility to mix and match with several combinations and even other clothes as loose jackets or tops. There was something for all of us with our different ages and tastes. 

There were the most amazing ladies helping pick out saris and match them to tops and then show us different ways to wear them. I turn around and my mum is armed with at least six sari of varying colour while instructing my sister who is trying on something. We all need saris to wear for Aunty Chutty’s wedding in September. My mum and my sister need saris for weddings they have this summer - my mum also hoping my sister might meet Mr. Right…will the sari cinch the deal? Our friends Lawrence and Rebecca are getting married in July and I am determined to wear a sari to that. Between all of us we are amassing quite a pile and now can’t quite see the wood for the trees. 

It was a treat to meet the charming designer Sanjay Garg who is passionate about his work and has such an flair for what suits each individual person. Also Malika Verma Kashyap from 'Border & Fall' was there representing 'drape' and looking effortlessly chic. She is spearheading a campaign to make a cultural documentation of the sari. Watch this space…

We finally leave Asia House with our beautiful saris and go for a fancy afternoon tea at 108 Pantry, Marylebone Lane followed by ice-creams at Kings Cross before all going our separate ways.