First Sari Shop

I leave the house in wide black trousers, oversize grey cardigan, black wool coat and scarf. It is a cold day and I am heading out to go sari shopping. I'm not sure what I am looking for so I call my mum.

me: "Mum if I want sari that's simple, comfortable and warm what should I ask for?

mum: "What do you want to wear a sari for? I don't know, I'll call Rohini Aunty and ask her"

It's not a great start. I'm going to Whitechapel in east London to start there. Walking down Whitechapel Road there are just fruit and veg stalls, loads of nik naks and those tunic and trouser combos. I start thinking what am I doing here, I can't see a sign of any saris. I spot a small passage with small market stalls filled with fabric which look like saris. I see some black and white graphic print cotton saris which look interesting. A girl asks if I need any help, yes but I don't even know what to ask for. I tell the girl that I just want simple cotton saris for everyday and immediately knows what I mean. They have the beautiful prints in shades of grey, black, pastel colour blocks and beautiful colours I wouldn't have even thought of selecting. 

I settle on a black sari with a simple graphic design on the border and a grey cotton striped sari. The lovely girl helping me is called Suprima and thinks this is a good choice for my mission, so I feel reassured although she doesn't know why on earth I would want to wear a sari as daywear.

As I walk away it strikes me that I have just bought my first sari. Not one that my mum has bought for  some random occasion (even though she does have great taste), but actually something I have chosen something myself with the intention to wear it. This is huge for me as I have connected with something untouched and yet old and familiar and that makes me smile.


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